Lucinda Childs


Chorégraphie Lucinda Childs

Musique Ten Hold

Scénographie, Costumes et

Lumières Dominique Drillot

Vidéo Dominique Drillot & Matthieu Stefani

Création à Arnhem (Pays-Bas) Schowburg

6 février 2015


Concept : The projection is working as a second territory of the dance. Often, the back projection is disconnect from what happens with the dancers. Sometimes the projection takes a big autonomy to make a stange and regular choreography making vertical architectures. Somehow, the projected lines and the dancers seem to be very all together in suspension moment. Canto Ostinato is an hypnotic ballet with a none very clear start and a quite confuse stop, a very small part of a whole production. Let me say this is an enthusiastic and intimate moment constructed around the wonderfull music of Simeon Ten Holt.